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  • I'll be offering one more in-person retreat this year! These experiences are designed for a deep immersion in Angelic energy. We will be in session morning, afternoons and evenings, during which I enter a deep trance state and the Angels speak through me. The retreat is the weekend of October 11-13 in Seattle, WA. More details are coming soon!
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2024 Events

April 26-28, 2024/ duvall, WA

3-Day Retreat

SEptember 19-21/ sedona AZ

Sedona Trancendence 

October 11-13/ Seattle, WA 

3-Day Retreat


All of the events for this year are listed above. Just click on the button to the right of the one you want and you'll be able to sign up. There is no ticket. Instead, you'll receive a confirmation email and your name will be on the list at the door upon arrival.

how to prepare

Prior to the event, it's a great idea to spend time in the Angel's frequency. Some great resources for you are:
1. Anne's Friday Live messages are free on YouTube. There are over a hundred videos. 
2. You may want to participate in the powerful healings that are offered in her monthly Peace Bathing program. (details at

Session recordings

Your retreat experience includes access to the recordings! All sessions at your event will be recorded for you and you'll receive a link to the recordings via email after the event. 

what people say

Event Testimonials

I have so much gratitude for Anne and the Angels and the shifts I made at this retreat! I was able to release so much pain and old energy through each transmission. I was surprised at the gentle intensity of the release! And I walked away with new powerful healing abilities and a connection with the angels I also didn’t expect! The food, the setting, the people, the angels and Anne’s amazing gift blew my mind! Best retreat ever!!


Biz Priestess and Feminine Energy Mentor

Anne’s healings are next level. Her Angelic messages are engaging, informative & revealing. You’re sure to receive a delightful, insightful (and often humorous) surprise from her channeling. You'll be joining the open-hearted people who attend her retreats for high vibe, rewarding connections. It’s truly a gift to be on a retreat with Anne — I’m still savoring my experience. 


Life Coach, Lightworker & Healer