A series of 14 monthly online sessions (each session is experienced twice to reinforce the effect)


Entrain your energy to each of the seven different Soul Types

You express one of seven different creative energies

There are seven different Soul Types, and each of us has one that we were born with. It's the aspect of creative source energy that we are embodying and expressing on earth in this incarnation.

Our goal over the course of our lives is to become fully expressed as a creator on earth. This means that we want to become more flexible and grow into all seven Soul Type energies, so that we unify all aspects of source within us.   

But we were never meant to suffer on our path. Growing these aspects of ourselves doesn't need to be a struggle.  Now, with the help of the angels, growing these aspects of yourself can be as simple as turning on a switch inside you.

Each of us has all seven energies as part of our foundation.

It's the wellspring we draw from. It's God within us.

We express only one because it's the causeway through which we are creating in this lifetime.

The Angels Describe the Process 

In each monthly session, the angels will activate a different Soul Type energy within you.

How will the angels entrain your energy to each soul type?

"We will do it by tuning that part of them that contains a memory of it from another time. We see it within them like threads, like a pathway forgotten.

We simply ignite the memory and they will have the mastery of it."

How will it affect you?

"It will work when they try to affect change in their business. When they try something new, they will find it easier.


It will become second nature to them to experience change in this way, as something to be invited and encouraged, cloaked in mystery but unveiled in the moment and rejoiced because change brings renewal. Life.

It will be subtle at first. It will be a change of mind. A thought that we planted to assist them in integrating."

How will it help you?

"It will be easier for them to effect change. They will find that they can make different things happen, things that were hard for them before. New ways of being, integrated into one lifetime all at once, being fully expressed as one.

It will help them grow their business because they will see what needs to be done. They will understand all elements. They will have a broader vision, including aspects that were before hidden."

101 Course

An introduction to the foundations of Business Energetics



  • 8 video modules
  • Printable workbook
  • Learn the three levels of manifestation: Perception, Vibration and Creation
  • Clearly understand your own Soul Type energy
Soul Type Activation Series

Angels activate each of the seven energies within you 

$2,797 or


/12 months

  • Series of 14 sessions 
  • One session/month 
  • Includes the complete Business Energetics Course

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