Soul Convergence

Two 11-week, self-paced healing processes to bring you into balance and alignment with humanity's shift in consciousness

You are ready to make the shift

We are in the midst of a great shift in human consciousness. We are moving toward a state of oneness with one another and all things. We are learning to free ourselves from our past, our shadow parts, the karma and difficult lessons we chose.

This great transition is inclusive  – everyone is invited. But we each have to do it individually, within ourselves.

All it takes to make the shift yourself is to find internal harmony. It means balancing your Masculine and Feminine energy.

This has nothing to do with being male or female. 

This describes certain forces and properties of the universe that are present in every living thing.

We each have both Masculine and Feminine energies within us. You may also know these energies as Yin and Yang.

This is a unique time on earth

Balancing these energies usually takes an enormous amount of personal work. It means processing the emotions of your past traumas, including those you don’t even remember. Healing often happens one layer at a time, like layers of an onion, so even if you are really focused, it usually is the work of a lifetime.

However, this lifetime is different. The opportunity of being here on earth at this time is that we can create this internal balance for ourselves within our lifetimes. There is help here to guide us.

With the guidance of the Angels, the Soul Convergence Process has the potential to rapidly but gently guide you through your past wounds, accomplishing years of concentrated healing, perhaps even a lifetime of healing, within just a few months.

The potential of this program is to become fully centered and aligned with your own truth and  connection back to spirit.

I've never experienced such a noticeable and rapid change in my dreams, as I did while participating in the Soul Convergence program with Anne! My dreams shifted, showing undeniable healing and growth. 

Kara Brown 

What Changes Can Happen

A New Set-point

When you are freed from the heaviest of your karma, life takes on a new set-point of internal balance and harmony. From this new state of balance, you experience the world differently.  Life just flows more easily, and you perceive less friction in it.

Resistance fades away

Things don’t irritate and trigger you in the same way anymore. The resistance and struggle that may have characterized your life seems to fade away like an old memory.

life is easier to navigate 

You may encounter difficulties which push you off-center, but they aren’t as hard for you to navigate because you will find yourself naturally drawn back to your balanced state. 

"I’m just coming down from ‘the clouds’!  Each time I have listened to the previous ones I have gleaned something different. This adventure In consciousness, in clearing and healing, is dominating my waking and sleeping state! Bursts of joy erupt out of 'nowhere' and I am welcoming guidance from the Angels as I move through my days and the choices they bring. I feel as though I can hear their prompts more clearly now."


Your Dreams Will Show Your Progress

One of the amazing things about the Soul Convergence process is that it shows up immediately in your dreams. Your dreams will show you even the most wounded aspects of yourself coming back to life. Your dreams become a window into your own rapid growth and subconscious healing.

To help you understand your dreamscape and so that you can see the progress you are making, in each of Soul Convergence 1 and Soul Convergence 2 you will have 4 private 30-minute sessions with talented dream analysts, certified in the Aisling method of dream interpretation. They will help you “read” and work with your dreams and understand what you are releasing through the process.

Janise Stoliarova

 "Having dream experts look at your dreams as you’re processing the healing opens a new level of trauma release that I certainly hadn’t experienced before."

Snezana Simevska

"I am one of those people who rarely remember their dreams, but ever since I did the first payment for the program, I started remembering at least something from my dreams daily! 

I am glad you organized this healing program in such a way, Anne, that we can all have feedback and be aware of the things we heal! I thank you for that!"

There are TWO Series of Sessions 

Each series is 11 weeks long, with 18 sessions in each. The techniques and overall feeling of the sessions in each series are very different. Ideally, you would want to do both 1 and 2, but it's ok to start with series 1 and then do series 2 at a later date.

Soul Convergence 1

The first series, Soul Convergence 1, heals masculine and feminine energy from the Masculine energy perspective.

These sessions are clear and direct. We start with healing from the Masculine perspective because masculine energy supports and lifts feminine energy. It becomes the foundation to support healing your feminine.

Soul Convergence 2

The second series, Soul Convergence 2, heals masculine and feminine energy from the Feminine energy perspective.

These sessions are soft, enveloping, and wonderfully powerful. 

The Method

Healing in the Soul Convergence process works by softly drawing forward your deepest subconscious wounding while you are in a relaxed, meditative state. These wounds are gently acknowledged and felt, even if you can't specifically recall or identify them. Then, warm and beautiful healing frequencies move through you, and these buried aspects of yourself are brought into alignment with your soul. You become more coherent, centered and connected to your own truth.

Here is what is included in EACH series.

In each series, the first 8 sessions are focused on Masculine Energy. 

Then, sessions 9-18 are focused on Feminine Energy. 

You may schedule your private sessions with your dream analyst at any time during the 11-week process (or for up to 2 weeks after)

  • 8 recorded sessions masculine healing
  • 10 recorded sessions feminine healing
  • Recorded conversations about each session
  • Workbooks and transcripts for each session
  • 4 private sessions with a certified dream analyst
  • 3 live angelic blessing sessions with Anne Tucker

Sample Schedule

  • Day 1 - Your first session will arrive via email.  
  • Every three or four days thereafter - you'll receive the next session in the program. Ideally you will do the session daily. Feel free to spend more time with any session if you feel that you are still processing. Each session is about 30 - 45 minutes long. 
  • Saturday at 10am PT - Meet with Anne for our first Angelic blessing and to kick off the program 
  • Sunday at 10am PT - Angelic Blessing and Q&A with Anne
  • Sunday at 10am PT- Angelic Blessing and Q&A with Anne 

What Clients Say

It's healing on steroids!

Amy Pearson  

After the first session I encountered my ex and for the first time I wasn't triggered at all. I just felt peaceful. It was a total shift for me.

William Green  

It helped me access and heal subconscious wounds that were driving my responses and actions. I feel more whole."

Susan Hale

If life has felt like death-by-1000-cuts, you will find real relief and healing like I did by participating in the Soul Convergence program. 



Start with 1 

Start with Soul Convergence 1

  • Lifetime Access
  • June 15th Start
  • Access to All 18 Modules
  • 3 group support calls with Anne
  • 4 Private sessions with your Dream Analyst



or $575 x 3 months

both 1 & 2

SAVE $500 when you Heal with SC1 & SC2

  • Lifetime Access
  • June 15th Start
  • Access to All 36 Modules
  • 6 group support calls with Anne
  • 8 Private sessions with Your  Dream Analyst



or $540 x 5 months


What if I don't dream?

The healing your experience in Soul Convergence will work even without the dream work. But once you begin the process, you may start remembering dreams. It only takes one dream - even a short one can be impactful. We will be talking about some methods to help you remember dreams. In the unlikely event that you don't remember any, the Dream Analysis coaches can still work with you in your private sessions by referencing what is happening in your daily life.

Here are some experiences others have had with remembering dreams in the program: 

"I am one of those people who rarely remember their dreams, but ever since I did the first payment for the program, I started remembering at least something from my dreams daily! 🙂" - Snezana

"When I went to sleep, I set the intention to remember my dream and asked my angels for their guidance and assistance. I even tried the water glass thing you mentioned. I had not one but THREE dreams. I woke up each time and wrote them down. Amazing full length story like dreams. I’m pretty good about remembering dreams, but that was over the top in quantity and detail. I’m looking forward this whole process!" - Maureen R.

Can I use other healing methods at the same time?

For Soul Convergence to be most effective, it's necessary to pause other healing methods and meditations until after the program. It is still ok to experience massage other methods that are designed to help your natural ability to process energy or move energy along the meridiens without a specific focus or intention on healing.

Can I do Peace Bathing at the same time?

All new, current sessions that are happening with the Angels (and recordings of those sessions) can be done at the same time as Soul Convergence.

“We say activated processes which are new to the now, which are current and ongoing can become utilized in the process of Soul Convergence and all will become as one effort toward your inner union and will amplify your progress.”

So in other words, your experience of your Peace Bathing sessions will begin to align with the Soul Convergence process and help you make faster progress. I don’t think I’d jump around and do back sessions until after the program – just the new, current ones you’re getting.

They said to wait on using the Angelic Frequency Series until after the program because there are “energies that will mix and collide” because “the Angelic Frequency Series is instrumental in the rising of something internal.” So it’s best to use those before or after the program.

How much time is required for the program?

Ideally, you would want to keep pace with the program and do one session daily (whichever session we are on). Sessions take anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes each. So on average, you would want to spend about 30 - 45 minutes each day. However, if you are able to make time to do the sessions more than once per day, you will see even faster results. Looking at the dreams of the participants from the last Soul Convergence program, people who used the recordings a lot showed the biggest transformation.

You might also find times during the program when you are feeling the effects of the healing very strongly. It can show up as extreme fatigue, nausea, or heightened emotions. When this happens, the best cure is to do the session again. 

How long will I have access to the recordings?

The recordings will be yours to use forever. You can download them and keep them. Once you have completed the full program, there is still benefit to going back and doing the program again. Even if you fully balance your Masculine and Feminine energy in your first time through the series, there is always room for us to grow! New issues will surface each time you use the recordings. You will find yourself strengthening your connection and your center more and more each time you do the full program. 


Here's the Big Picture

In this YouTube video, Anne shares information that explains why the shift in consciousness is happening now, as part of a 24,000 year cycle, and how our experience of it is rooted in balancing our own energy. She explains exactly what that means, along with deeper definitions of our Masculine and Feminine energy you've never heard before that will help to make it all make sense. She also talks about the details of Soul Convergence.


"I'm sure you’re hearing great things but I’m pretty blown away by my past two nights’ dreams. Last night I was “bringing back to life” little male mannequins from different eras. And, the prior night I was going deep into Mother Earth to heal a man that was down there, by putting my right hand over his heart. Yippee and thank you for including me on this beautiful adventure with you. I’m sure it is going to help so many!"

More Reviews of the Program

These are excerpts from emails we've received from past participants in the program describing their experience. Click on the arrow to the right to hear what they said.

  • Program Overall

  • Dream Analysts

  • About the Sessions

Emails we've received about the program overall

A peace has settled

The journey through it has been just amazing, wonderful in fact!!! My journey was calm but certainly emotional and significant. I didn’t have the explosive reactions some had but no less life changing.
I have found that a peace has settled in my abdomen, where all my stress resides. I’m not just as triggered by things that I would normally be, like a messy kitchen, the family not helping with things in the house, all I can assure you I would normally have taken umbrage at, and roared at!!!! So a win for me and the family :) - Pat Kusik

I'm Feeling Gratitude

I am in such an overall state of gratitude for these sessions and this opportunity to do these mediations with Soul Convergence.

I truly feel so blessed to have met you . I have not felt this full of love and closeness to the angels and to the divine since I was a little girl of five. I am now re- living this feeling of being “ in- tune” and it is so overwhelming beautiful and reaffirming. My heart is really and truly “aching” - no joke, and I am so thankful. I just wanted you to know that.

With Great Apprciation! - Mary Hobson

I'm profoundly changed by the program

Thank you so much for your soul convergence program. I already feel very profoundly changed as a result of it.

Many aspects of the program make it so incredibly unique. The most obvious is the fact that it's essentially instructed by the angels in real time. Through your incredibly clear channeling, we are guided by the angels as they heal us. It's amazing!

I've learned about the impact of our childhood wounds, the important of masculine and feminine energy balance, why we incarnate, and the necessity of moving from the mind into the heart. Soul Convergence took these concepts to another level for me and really enabled me to fully understand and embrace them. The mediations essentially explained these and my mind gobbled it up. We're also shown what it all feels like in both the light and dark emotions. I'm now also able to better comprehend how we go from pure source energy to this dense physical plane and the impact of it. Trauma from the womb seemed so hard to grasp until the meditations about being in the womb. I get it now. I also recognize my own masculine and feminine energy and when they are activated. I've moved into my heart more than I ever had before and have promoted it to boss.  

Another huge takeaway is my new understanding of how to handle my emotions, like anger or sadness. They are to be acknowledged, embraced and integrated with unconditional love, merged into us as part of this experience without any judgment. It's so freeing to know this. I find myself in a place of mostly acceptance and observation now. Things that aren't pleasant I just see as temporary experiences, or I categorize them in neutral way as opposed to a negative way.

Daily life has been impacted in so many ways. I used to tell myself I'll do spiritual stuff for an hour or so tomorrow, or the next day. I'd try to fit it into my routine. Now it's part of my daily life - the main part. I meditate daily because I love doing it and time flies by when I do. I feel more connected with energy moving through me. I check in with spirit and ask for help throughout the day. Doing dream interpretation has felt more intuitive and I can analyze them so much faster.  

My dreams tended to include a lot of digestion symbols and imbalances to work on. Once I started your course, I started having consistent dreams about my gifts and my spiritual level. New gifts were identified. I had dreams about astral traveling. Finally, cool dreams and even better, the perfect person to analyze them for me!

I also became familiar with chakras. Before the course, I always had to look at a chart. What chakra is what, what does it do, what color is it? Now I have it all memorized, and I can imagine myself moving into and between them with ease.

Over the holiday, I was in a crazy busy airport with long lines. My husband worried we would miss our flight and the old me would have too. But this trip, I patiently waited in line knowing all was unfolding as it should. I'd asked the angels to help us and trusted it. I looked around at all the people and felt love for them, I felt proud of all of us for coming to earth and undertaking incredible growth. The entire trip went so smoothly.

I appreciated getting the meditation audio. Being able to do the course in a flexible way made it easier to stick with. Also having the transcript to read, especially the summary and key points, was outstanding.

One funny thing happened while I listened to the meditation... I was lying in bed and had conked out. Suddenly it felt like I had been painlessly kicked in the middle of my back and went up into the air. It woke me up! Toward the end of the course I started feeling so much energy. I even had an intense kundalini awakening. Thank goodness Kara was there to identify and help me navigate it!

Soul Convergence had its tough moments for me, but they were brief. I mostly experienced fatigue. Overall, the course provided healing that felt gentle but had powerful results. - Katie Rosevelt

Blocks to movement and pain in my neck were resolved

Now that the program is over, I can say with certainty that the program has changed me on such a deep level. I was dedicated to it wholeheartedly. For the last 11 weeks, I breathed it and thought of it every waking moment. I did my sessions daily, and for a couple of sessions, that were very intense for me, I did it twice daily. I often times continued with the meditation even after your recording would say 'open your eyes.' And I could feel that the angels would continue working with me. I also found that the Angels were setting me up for real life triggers in order to feel some of the emotions that I might have been closed off or not feeling deep enough in the safety of my home. I had several present time situations happening in real life that would trigger immense fear, anxiety, anger, etc., and then I would come back to meditation and definitely feel consciously what some of the words that you were channeling really meant.

I also had neck problems, and the angels fixed it for me. For over 20 years, I felt I had some type of block in my neck when I would turn left and I couldn't turn it well. I saw two chiropractors who would temporary relieve the pain, but it never fixed the issue. The angels during the sessions did a ton of work moving my head and neck around. I now feel that whatever block was there got resolved, and literally feel like my vertebrae have been rearranged to allow me more flexibility and movement in the neck. It feels like both the right and left side of my neck got balanced out, which to me signifies a balance of masculine and feminine energy. - Olga Hetchler

Ready to begin the journey?