with Anne Tucker

Experience More Peace

Peace Bathing is a guided healing program from the Angels. Each monthly channeled group session is created by the Angels to work with the current energies you are experiencing in your life, helping you to fully embrace and move through the depth of healing that is available to you in your life experiences. 

Peace Bathing is powerful, simple and affordable way to consistently invest in and be guided toward your own healing by the Angels.

  • Each month you will take part in an online group channeled healing with the Angels. These sessions differ each time and take advantage of the current energies on the planet.
  • In each session the Angels will be present with you individually, tailoring the healing specifically to you and your needs.
  • You will also receive a recording of the session to be used throughout the month. The recording serves as a portal, strengthening your connection to the Angels, and many participants use it daily.
  • Each week you will also receive a transcript with the video recording of Anne’s weekly Friday Live channeled message from the Angels so that you can get the most out of these messages and the frequencies they are sharing. These transcripts aren’t currently available anywhere else.

" We give these heartfelt meditations to raise again your frequency, bringing you into alignment with ourselves with regularity, improving your connection to source "

The Angels

"I started to cry about 5 minutes after the angels started coming through and I never stopped. It was amazing. Before the session I set an intention and a request for the angels to charge my stones so I was holding a quartz in my right hand and a hematite in my left hand. At one point during the session, I put the stones on top of my legs so I could blow my nose [crying] and I literally felt the hematite buzzing like crazy. It was incredible!!! I have never felt something like that. It was so visceral!!" 

Csilla Antonovsky

Not all spiritual growth has to be hard.

Just by being in the energy of the Angels on a regular basis, you can start to unwind and relax your hold on your resistance. You can become more open to the possibilities that are before you.

Relax into peace with the Angels and feel yourself releasing the friction and stress that is building up in your system. Ease into a higher state to support you on your journey.

Let it be easy.

Invite a deeper connection

The Angels gently hold you in the frequency of peace, allowing your body to release stress and anxiety, calming discordant energies, and helping you to become more coherent and aligned.

With a monthly infusion of Angelic love and support, you increase your resiliency and prevent the build-up of emotions and unwanted energies.

Peace Bathing will bring more joy. It calls your heart and leaves you feeling renewed, more pleased with life, and more sustained in how you live it.

October 15th
November 19th
December 17th
January 21st

Dates for each session 

Sessions will be on Zoom at 10am Pacific Time. 

The next session October 15th 2023.

Sessions will take place on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Pricing Plan

Monthly Payment



(You're free to cancel at any time)

Annual One-Time Payment



(Save $89!)

What it's like to work with the angels

Maria Eugenia Peigneguy

I felt the angels and their energy like never before. In the beginning of them rising us, I felt them touching me and felt also their care for us and how delicate they were with each one. Ahhh! And the next morning the shoulder discomfort I had due to stress was completely gone! Amazing.

Amy Ream

It was excellent! It was high energy and I could feel them working on me! I felt dizzy for a bit of time afterwards. It was spacious.  It is very emotional, that intense love. This morning the tears just rolled. Fulfilling and flowing. I am ever so grateful. 

Glenda Johnson

I want to say - it was AMAZING! The near constant chatter that I was hearing is gone. My heart is at peace, calm and centered. I feel like every heartbreak I ever had was healed by the end. I feel a sense of wholeness I have only ever felt for brief moments