A Bridge to your

Heightened Senses

An immersive retreat with the Angels 

October 21-23, 2022 Duvall, WA

"It is destiny for you to achieve your part in harmony. But here, with us, you are found more easily. You separate from all negativity, divine your right to feel the light and sense it within your being. You will rise with us and sense yourself held in tenderness." - the Angels

Raise your frequency

Feel your Joy

Join us in a weekend retreat designed by the Angels to draw you out of the compression of daily living. Through live channeling in a container of healing created by the Angels, you will feel lifted into that higher version of yourself that you are becoming through our ascension.

Our weekend together will be a joyful experience of connection and collaboration. You will enjoy the sensation of your own unwinding in a beautiful setting, supported and nourished by plant-based, gluten-free meals each day. Within this elevated frequency, we will open to the work of the Angels.

Experience the Angels

The frequency of the Angels is palpable. You are drawn into their love and it transforms you.

Feel the Healing

The Angels will bring information and healing, working with us at a deep, immersive level.

Form new Friendships

Join a community of open-hearted, like minded, beautiful souls! 

Immerse Yourself

"As your effort unveils our presence, you’ll feel the light of now permeated with ourselves. Your enjoyment and practicality provided for, you will ascend with us daily. You will sense us in your breathing, your sensations of living."

You form our Destiny

 "You will discover a bridge between us, a lifting of the self into the breach of now to sense your purpose in this upcoming shift. To feel what you are evolving into. 

This ascendance is calling upon you. It reads your energy and takes from you, it’s destiny. Let yourself breathe your full self. Your long and lengthening history curtailed into now, into being. Let this breathe. 

Learn how your own destiny intertwines with our own. How you are seeking yourself through this process of ascendance."

- the Angels

"Become one with us. Lift with us. Rise with us. Be held in-between the now light and what is on offer, and sense the self becoming. It is a rising, an effort at increasing your frequency."

This time is special

Why do this now?

"The evolution of this upcoming century spins and pivots upon the transcendence you are now embodying. This effort you are making to become more of yourself filters out into all things, and rejuvenates the light within yourselves. 

You are watering the ground, preparing the soil, making all things known within the self to open and unveil their true purpose. You are reaching toward that boiling point where humanity will spill over into living freely."

-The Angels

Where we will gather

Mosswood Hollow is a beautiful, peaceful retreat that has been described as a cross between Narnia and Hogwarts. It's 45 minutes from Seattle and SeaTac Airport.

We will be with the Angels in morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Channeled sessions vary and are often an hour or more each, with discussion after.

There will be time between sessions to process and integrate, connect with others, journal or explore the natural beauty of a lovely 1-mile walk around the beaver pond.

Shared room

Private room

Meeting space

Amazing Meals


What they say

Jessica Riverson 

Biz Priestess and Feminine Energy Mentor

I have so much gratitude for Anne and the Angels and the shifts I made at this retreat! I was able to release so much pain and old energy through each transmission. I was surprised at the gentle intensity of the release! And I walked away with new powerful healing abilities and a connection with the angels I also didn’t expect! The food, the setting, the people, the angels and Anne’s amazing gift blew my mind! Best retreat ever!!

Jean Dougherty

Life Coach, Lightworker & Healer

Anne’s healings are next level. Her Angelic messages are engaging, informative & revealing. You’re sure to receive a delightful, insightful (and often humorous) surprise from her channeling. You'll be joining the open-hearted people who attend her retreats for high vibe, rewarding connections. It’s truly a gift to be on a retreat with Anne — I’m still savoring my experience. 


The main retreat center has sold out but additional rooms are available in a beautiful 5,000 square foot Tudor castle, just a 15 minute drive from the retreat center. (Free shuttle is provided.)

Share a room at Mosswood Hollow



All meals (Vegan GF) and shared room with shared bathroom

Private room at Mosswood Hollow



All meals (Vegan GF) and a private room  (shared bathroom)

Share a room at the Tudor Castle



All meals are included and will be with the whole group at the retreat center (Vegan GF). Shared room with shared bathroom. Free shuttle to the retreat center morning and evening.

Private room at the Tudor Castle



All meals are included and will be with the whole group at the retreat center (Vegan GF). Private room  (shared bathroom).

 Free shuttle to the retreat center morning and evening.