with Anne Tucker   

A commitment to yourself.

Receive the love of the angels

and claim your highest vibration.

The golden circle is a 6-month renewable program of rapid spiritual acceleration and deep healing, guided by the angels through focused, private sessions to strengthen your connection and elevate your vibration to your highest expression.

Make 2023 the year in which you become 

the love that's inside you.

Pushing through life on your own is a slow, hard effort. The universal challenge is that we can't see ourselves clearly, so we don't understand where our unwanted limitations are coming from. Even when you're aware of the patterns, illnesses, or hurdles you manifest - the ones that keep cropping up and causing you hurt - it's frustrating because you're often unable to change them on your own.

That's why the angels have been speaking to me about the Golden Circle for years, in channeling and in my dreams, preparing me for this important journey together. It's an opportunity to truly focus on you, and offer the individual support you need to pave your way forward, accelerating your journey in a way that would be hard to match with any other method. 

The key to the power of the Circle

comes from your own commitment. 

 Imagine your desires are marbles, spread out on a bed. If you scramble around trying to pick them up one at a time, they roll away from you. However when you choose one spot in the bed and put all your weight there, all the marbles roll towards you. When you commit to one spot, you collect and harness your energy.

When you join the Golden Circle, your commitment to yourself collects your energy and opens the door for the angels to propel you forward. The Circle helps you keep that commitment with consistent support and encouragement. Sometimes it's easier to keep our commitments to others than it is to keep the ones we make for ourselves. Your Golden Circle is there for you, calling you back. Honoring your commitment to us means honoring yourself.

You're invited to join

The Golden Circle

A circle of deep healing and growth

You’ll have bi-weekly private sessions with the angels where you will learn exactly what has been in your way and feel their love as they gently heal and resolve even your deepest wounds.

Plus you'll have two more bonus sessions to use whenever you need them during the program.

A circle of trust

growing your connection with the angels

Between sessions the angels will remain with you as your constant companions, assisting you with your integration and helping you stay on course.

A circle of support 

between 6 courageous seekers

Monthly small-group sessions will allow us to come together as a circle to support each other on our journeys. We will practice intuitive skills, receive help with life or business coaching, and enjoy group healing.

A circle of connection 

at a joyful VIP retreat

Our circle comes together in person for a beautiful VIP weekend retreat in Washington state (COVID permitting). Fantastic vegan meals will nourish your body and soul in a weekend of transformational healing, connection and fun.

What it's like to work with the angels

“Intense Love"

“It is very emotional, that intense love. This morning the tears just rolled. Fulfilling and flowing. I am ever so grateful.”

Amy Ream
- Therapist

“So much energy was pulsing through my body"

“After the last Session I did a session for a client and it was so much more powerful I had to keep it to only 1 hour because so much energy was pulsing through my body and out my hands. First was intense emotional clearing, second was channeled messages from his guides. It was more natural, it just happened organically.”

Erika Larsen
- Psychic Healer

“Opportunities came out of the blue"

“I suddenly felt like I could see my goals very much clearer, opportunities then came out of the blue. My creativity got a boost and I was seeing way better with my third eye. I am so excited for the next session! Thank you so much!”

Amina Afif
- Intuitive Life Coach

How you'll be supported:

  • A 6 month program, with priority renewal if you'd like to keep your spot in the Circle 
  • Private one-hour sessions on Zoom with the angels every other week for 6 months
  • 2 Bonus private sessions to use whenever you need them
  • Once per month during the program our Golden Circle will come together on Zoom
  • The angels will remain with you between sessions, helping with your integration
  • We will spend a joyful weekend together in December at our VIP retreat (COVID permitting)

PLUS this wonderful bonus! 

Receive a live, individual meditation session with the angels, created specifically for you, which will also be recorded for your use to help keep your vibration high between sessions.

This is my only offering that includes private sessions. 

Because of the intensive nature of the program,

It's limited to just 6 people.

The Circle is currently full but will 

form again in July 2023.

Join the Golden Circle

Receive the love of the angels

and claim your highest vibration.


0r $1,799/month for 6 months

Copyright - Anne Tucker