Receive a powerful healing meditation,

channeled from the Angels!

Receive a FREE recorded healing meditation from the Angels that you can use whenever you need it!  The session is about prosperity and creating from your highest expression. They connect you to a life you've led that was your most connected life. The recorded session will be delivered right to your inbox, along with a helpful transcript and summary so that you can get the most out of the session. 

When you sign up, you will be added to my main email list. And don't worry, you won't receive a bunch of spammy emails from me. (I really dislike SPAM too, and don't want to promote my work that way.) Besides your free session recording, you will only receive an occasional email with important news, and a helpful monthly update email with links to all the messages I've shared on YouTube in the past month. 

 About the Free Session

This FREE gift to you was originally channeled in one of our monthly Peace Bathing healing sessions.

In the session, the Angels led us through several layers of clearing, each one working with our energy in a different way. It's a fantastic session to use any time you want to clear your energy, such as when you are processing a lot of emotion, feeling heavy from your day, or just want to strengthen your connection.

How to Prepare 

Ideally you will want to listen to the session while seated in a quiet place.

Please keep your spine straight during the session, because the Angels access energy in your spine in the healing.

Feel free to set an intention for yourself for the session. The recording opens a connection between you and the Angels, so they will be with you and can help with specific issues, if it is in your highest and best interest.

During the Session

There will be a short grounding exercise at the start of the recording, before the Angels come in. Once they start, you may feel or be aware of them in various ways. Some people experience the Angels as tingling, hot or cold sensations, or specific pressures on the body.

At times, the Angels will raise our frequency, and this can sometimes cause temporary nausea, dizziness, or a sense of pressure. If this occurs, don't worry. It will pass in about 90 seconds.

If you fall asleep during the session, that's ok. The healing is still working. Some people process the energies better when asleep, expecially if their body needs rest.

After the Session

 Please don't drive immediately following the session because you may not be well grounded. Give yourself enough time to feel settled in your body before driving. Having a little something to eat or stepping out into nature can help.