A Gateway to Your Rapid Spiritual Evolution

Made Possible Within 

a Container Created By the Angels

The Circle of 12 is currently full but will form again in July. 

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The Circle of Twelve is a guided journey that builds up over 6 months to the expression and release of dynamic energies that are within you. It culminates in one important weekend where, as a group of 12 aligned souls, these energies are brought together by the Angels to form a container of purpose.

Opening portals of self-knowledge

"You are now housing 12 energies within which are brought toward completion in the one human vessel that you are. We are identifying these 12 aspects of purpose and understanding, which contain frequencies transmitted to and within. 

These frequencies open portals to knowledge outside of self to allow your being to transmit the purpose from which you were drawn." - The Angels

Receiving Angelic guidance

"Being within the 12 of this circle we draw you towards is an invitation to explore your being more readily with our assistance. 

You will find your own being revealed among the happenings you encounter here. You will find within yourself the understanding of how and where your own vibration impacts your elevation, your arrival at what is now understood as enlightenment." - The Angels

Finding a heightened state of self-expression

"You become more transparent to your own internal vision. This housing you are in reveals all to wonder, contemplate, and understand. We wish to help you envision your being with more clarity for the purpose of raising your frequency up. Your heightened understanding will bring you toward a heightened state of self-expression." - The Angels

Culminating in a joyful weekend together

Our weekend together will be a joyful experience of connection and collaboration, held in the beautiful container created for us by the Angels. You will enjoy the sensation of your own unwinding in a beautiful setting, supported and nourished by plant-based, gluten-free lunches each day. Within this elevated frequency, we will open to the work of the Angels.

"The weekend spent in together unison will bring you toward a reality that is now spoken of with chaste comprehension. Your feeling about what you draw into your real perception is drawn from a limited level of imaginings. We bring you toward full comprehension of what arrives. All senses engaged so you will come into the frequency or gateway of arrival.

And it will level your transparency to hold the frequency you desire, to encumber yourself no longer with disturbances that are limiting your force of field. It is through the engagement in the portal of our creation that you will find this greater expansion of self into the now becoming, to allow its expression more fully, to bring it toward yourself without restriction." - The Angels

"It is a portal of self-understanding within the context of this being you are; 

- to bring your now-arrival near and make your bearing more fruitful,

- to learn how your expression impedes your future,

- and how you might field these expressions of habit and longing in such a way as to not debacle your desires.

Your field expands where we are, and together your comprehension grows."

Building the Circle

  • Step 1: We will begin our circle with a group commencement call on Zoom on Sunday January 30th, meeting online to hear our welcome from the Angels.
  • Step 2: Each member of the circle will receive a series of 3 private channeled healings to prepare for our weekend gathering. These will be one-on-one with the Angels over Zoom, once every 8 weeks.
  • Step 3: There will be 2 group sessions on Zoom. The first will happen on June 11th at 10am PT before our weekend gathering. We will come together with our Circle of Twelve over Zoom to anchor the energy we are building.
  • Step 4: We will meet in person (COVID permitting) in Washington state on June 25th and 26th for our culminating weekend. During these two full days we will steep in a portal the Angels will create for our work together.
  • Step 5: After the weekend, we will meet on Zoom once more on July 2nd at 10am PT for our 2nd group session to unwind the container and integrate our healing.
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