with Anne Tucker

The Nine Angelic Frequencies are a series of nine recorded transmissions with encoded medallions designed by the angels to amplify your spiritual gifts. The series can raise your frequency quickly and easily so that you'll become more open to guidance from spirit, and advance as a soul up to a higher level of consciousness.

Now more than ever, your spiritual growth is critical, and your spiritual gifts are needed. It's time to raise our collective vibration, to begin to express more of who we really are. But working through your blocks and strengthening your connection can be slow and difficult. We need to grow faster and use our gifts to support our collective evolution. 

This process is uniquely designed by the angels for these times, when we can't wait. We need to advance now, while we have the incredible support from spirit to move us forward. Here is the opportunity to cut through the layers, and bring forward your true self with the help of the angels. Now is the time to share your gifts.

The frequencies will plant a seed that has the power 

to make your gifts stronger and more powerful. 

Your clients will heal and shift faster. Your guidance will be clearer.

All you need to do to grow the seed is to use your gifts. 

nine frequency recordings

Each week you'll listen to a different 90 minute recorded transmission from the angels. You can listen just once, or some people love to listen every night - it's up to you.

9 encoded medallions, plus a bonus

Then, during the rest of the week, you'll wear one of 9 very special medallions. Created by Bioresonance practitioner Jen White using a powerful German technology called Optima Plus, each one is encoded with one of the frequencies you received, to help you hold that vibration. 

Plus a BONUS! When you complete your journey, you'll have a special final medallion which is encoded with all 9 frequencies in one.

daily messages

Each day for 9 weeks you'll also receive an email with an angel quote from the recording you just heard, as a gentle daily renewal.

Beautiful transcriptions

The sessions are transcribed and beautifully formatted into a ebook so that you can relax into the recordings, while still enjoying the full benefit of the angels' teaching.

As you listen to the recordings, multiple angels will be working with you. First there will be a frequency of levitation to help you go up to a higher vibration so that the angels can reach you more easily. You may experience this as a floating sensation.

Then the angels will connect through your heart chakra and you will begin to experience concentrated healing. Negative emotions will drain out through the bottom of your feet. The angels will work to heal you, adjusting to your individual needs, and Anne channels their voices to explain each step as you go, telling you what the angels are doing.

However, recordings are ONLY effective once you've heard the meditative levitation energies at the start of each session. These energies raise your vibration high enough to be reached effectively by the angels, so make sure you're quiet and still during the session.

While you'll benefit from one session, each experience of the energies will build upon the last, so you can benefit more with each session. With all nine sessions you may begin to experience the energies in a more tangible way, opening up to divine experiences.

I want to say - it was AMAZING! The near constant chatter that I was hearing is gone. My heart is at peace, calm and centered. I feel like every heartbreak I ever had was healed by the end. I feel a sense of wholeness I have only ever felt for brief moments.

Glenda Johnson

I felt the angels and their energy like never before. In the beginning of them rising us, I felt them touching me and felt also their care for us and how delicate they were with each one. Ahhh! And the next morning the shoulder discomfort I had due to stress was completely gone! Amazing.

Maria Eugenia Peigneguy

It was excellent! It was high energy and I could feel them working on me! I felt dizzy for a bit of time afterwards. It was spacious.  It is very emotional, that intense love. This morning the tears just rolled. Fulfilling and flowing. I am ever so grateful.

Amy Ream

The journey expands your gifts

In this video, healers Erika Larsen and Molly Grove talk about their experience and describe how their spiritual gifts have expanded because of the Angelic Frequency Series. They describe being more psychic, and their healing has become even more powerful and effective.


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Empathy and Telepathy

You are connected with others who have experienced this frequency to feel a wonderful sense of unity and oneness that the angels feel themselves.


Merge with your Higher Self

The angels temporarily lift your karmic burden so that you can experience merging with your higher self and open to your own powerful energy.


Activate Dormant Senses

Enjoy your full capacity for living with sensation beyond the five senses. By activating dormant patterns, forgotten long ago, your sensory capabilities grow.


Grow your Capacity for Joy

The angels increase your capacity to hold, reflect, emanate joy by healing your points of resistance and planting the seed of their own joy in your heart.


Reveal Ancestral Gifts

Links to your ancestry are revealed. The angels use this frequency to clear ancestral patterns of fear and bring forward gifts in your lineage that can serve you now.

Single frequency

 (does not include the medallion)

Value: $65

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  • Choose any single frequency recording
recordings only

A 9-week experience


Value $597

Now only $399

  • Includes all 9 frequency recordings
  •  An angel quote each day for 9 weeks taken from the frequency sessions, as a gentle daily renewal
  • A beautiful ebook with full transcriptions of each frequency session

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