Now more than ever, your spiritual growth is critical, and your spiritual gifts are needed. It's time to raise our collective vibration, to begin to express more of who we really are.

But working through your blocks and strengthening your connection can be slow and difficult. We need to grow faster and use our gifts to support our collective evolution. 

This series of nine transmissions is designed by the angels to amplify your spiritual gifts. It can raise your frequency quickly and easily so that you'll become more open to guidance from spirit, and advance as a soul up to a higher level of consciousness.

Each session transmits one of 9 different angelic frequencies.

9 Group Sessions

Over 9 months

95 Minutes each

The sessions are done over Zoom,

so you can attend from anywhere.

Struggling through the life challenges we created for ourselves is a long process. It can take years for us to see clearly the ways in which we are holding ourselves back and self-sabotaging. Without focused work, we know people can repeat the same life lessons over and over again. Even with focused work, it can take years for us to reveal all the layers that are preventing us from shining as who we really are and fully expressing our spiritual gifts into the world.

This process is uniquely designed by the angels for these times, when we can't wait. We need to advance now, while we have the incredible support from spirit to move us forward. Here is the opportunity to cut through the layers, and bring forward your true self with the help of the angels. Now is the time to share your gifts.

The frequencies will plant a seed that has the power 

to make your gifts stronger and more powerful. 

Your clients will heal and shift faster. Your guidance will be clearer.

All you need to do to grow the seed is to use your gifts. 

Through sharing your gifts, you become a transmitter of these frequencies in turn, helping to spread them around the world and support our collective evolution.

While you'll benefit from one session, each experience of the energies will build upon the last, so you can benefit more with each session.

With all nine sessions you may begin to experience the energies in a more tangible way, opening up to divine experiences.

First there will be a frequency of levitation to help you go up to a higher vibration so that the angels can reach you more easily. You may experience this as a floating sensation.

Then the angels will connect through your heart chakra and you will begin to experience concentrated healing. Negative emotions will drain out through the bottom of your feet. The angels will work arduously to heal each participant, adjusting to the needs of each individual, and Anne will explain each step as you go, telling you what the angels are doing.


I want to say - It was AMAZING! I can't wait for the rest. The near constant chatter that I was hearing is gone. My heart is at peace, I am calm and centered. I feel like every heartbreak I ever had was healed by the end of the session. I feel a sense of wholeness I have only ever felt for brief moments. ❤️❤️❤️

Glenda Johnson 

All Sessions are on Sundays 

5pm pacific/8pm eastern

Sessions take place on Zoom

(you'll receive the links and reminders via email)

You can sign up for the whole series or any single session, although the energies are cumulative so you'll get the greatest benefit with all nine sessions. 

Session Dates:

May 3rd, 2020

June 7th, 2020

July 12th, 2020

August 2nd, 2020

September 13th, 2020

October 4th, 2020

November 1st, 2020

December 13th, 2020

January 3rd, 2021


While the energies are most powerful when experienced within the group event, recordings are available if you can't attend a session in person.

However, recordings are ONLY effective once you've raised your vibration high enough to be reached effectively by the angels by using the included recordings of meditative levitation energies.  So make sure you're seated and focused during the whole session.

Copyright - Anne Tucker