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nine frequency recordings

Each week you'll listen to a different 90 minute recorded transmission from the angels. You can listen just once, or some people love to repeat the session multiple times. It's up to you.


Each of the nine sessions are transcribed and beautifully formatted into a eBook so that you can relax into the recordings, while still enjoying the full benefit of the angels' teaching.

The journey expands your gifts

In this video, healers Erika Larsen and Molly Grove talk about their experience and describe how their spiritual gifts have expanded because of the Angelic Frequency Series. They describe being more psychic, and their healing has become even more powerful and effective.


Rebirth Your Grounding

Release attachment to future outcomes in order to free energy, used to support a rebirthing process that strengthens and heals your connection to Mother Earth.


Activate Your Soul's Desire

The angels activate what you deeply wish for, the greatest needs of your soul, and project ideas and opportunities to help you create it.


DNA Healing

Heal patterns in your DNA from your ancestors whose memories and experiences trouble your mind, your being, and your physicality.


Strengthen Your Connection

Release energy that is trapped in past desires in order to help support a process of strengthening your connection to your daily guidance.


Title Goes Here

You are connected with others who have experienced this frequency to feel a wonderful sense of unity and oneness that the angels feel themselves.


Merge with your Higher Self

The angels temporarily lift your karmic burden so that you can experience merging with your higher self and open to your own powerful energy.


Activate Dormant Sense

Enjoy your full capacity for living with sensation beyond the five senses. By activating dormant patterns, forgotten long ago, your sensory capabilities grow.


Grow Your Capacity for Joy

The angels increase your capacity to hold, reflect, and emanate joy by healing your points of resistance and planting the seed of their own joy in your heart.


Reveal Ancestral Gifts

Links to your ancestry are revealed. The angels use this frequency to clear ancestral patterns of fear and bring forward gifts in your lineage that can serve you now.

Full Journey

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