Thank you for being part of the live

Angelic Frequency Series!

I'm now offering the Angelic Frequency recordings as part of a package that includes some very special extras, and I didn't want you to miss out! 

So as a thank you, I would like to offer these wonderful additions to you at a very special price.

Some wonderful additions to support you....

Encoded Medallion

I created this very special medallion in partnership with Bioresonance practitioner Jen White. Using a powerful German technology called Optima Plus, the medallion has been encoded with the nine frequencies you received, to help you hold the vibrations.  It's made of surgical-grade stainless steel and comes with a matching chain.

Beautiful Trascriptions

Each of the nine sessions are transcribed and beautifully formatted into a eBook so that you can relax into the recordings, while still enjoying the full benefit of the angels' teaching.

The full package I've put together with the medallion, the transcripts and all nine frequencies is now $497. 

But since you were part of the original series, if you would like to have the medallion and eBook to support your experience of the 9 Angelic Frequencies,

I'd be happy to offer both of them to you for just $75

as a thank you for being part of the original series. 

Copyright - Anne Tucker