I'm sorry, this challenge already happened!

Although it was so fun and impactful for everyone, I might run it again.

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The world is changing around us.

More change is coming, in ways we can’t imagine.

This is the beginning of a new era, and you have an important role to play.

Your service and your light are needed in the world more than ever,

to help humanity evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

But your pathway forward is still influenced by the limitations of your past. 

Your imagination can only create what you think is possible. 

And that keeps you stuck in more of the same.

Now is the time

To challenge your conceptions 

of what’s possible for you. 

To re-imagine your role in the world. 

You can help bring it into being.

In this free 4-day challenge you’ll be uplifted in a fun and supportive community with small group sharing and discussion. We’ll be digging deep to bring out what inspires you, as well as what’s holding you back so that you can unlock a brand-new vision of your future.


Monday, August 24th -

Changing what's possible 

I'll share a channeled message on how our world may change, and we'll jump off from there to explore how we want to co-create that new reality. We'll explore what it is that you truly want.


Tuesday, August 25th -

Clearing our path 

Even when we feel really clear about what we want, we can end up standing in our own way. Here we'll hold compassionate space for your inner voice and get aligned with the future we're envisioning.


Wednesday, August 26th -

Experience it now 

I'll be sharing a guided meditation channeled from the angels to help us project our vision into our future reality.


Thursday, August 27th -

Starting the journey 

We'll start building momentum, talking about our next step into the future we're creating to unleash our vision!

Join me for a free and fun four-day online challenge,
to unleash your vision!

We’ll connect live over zoom each day at 6pm Pacific. We'll be talking and sharing in small groups, and you’ll have fun and easy take aways to ground each day’s conversation.

Register above to receive the zoom links and be invited to join the private Facebook Group.

challenge dates

Day 1: August 24th

Day 2: August 25th

Day 3: August 26th

Day 4: August 27th

6:00 pm Pacific Time

Live over Zoom

I'm Anne Tucker

I'm the creator of Business Energetics and the Authentic Expression test, transmitter of the Nine Angelic Frequencies Series, and a channel for angelic wisdom. I'm excited to create this space together to step more fully  into sharing our gifts!

Copyright -Anne Tucker