Anne Tucker is the creator of Business Energetics and the Soul Type test, transmitter of the Nine Angelic Frequencies Series, and a channel for angelic wisdom.

Are you self-sabotaging, chasing the wrong thing?  

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Helping you share your gifts with the world

Your goal is to fully express yourself in the world, and to be rewarded for it. 

To help you do that, I offer three tools.


Learn how to build a business around your services that gives you full-time income you can count on. It teaches deep concepts about how you create in the world by helping you work through the practical, step-by-step process of building a successful business.

It’s a map to help you find your way back to yourself as a creator.


A Powerful series of 9 channeled angelic activations to heal and expand the gifts that you brought for your journey.


To help you become the love that is inside you

You have something special to offer.  

Do you know why you're important? How do you define or explain the value that you bring? Other people might be able to do what you do, but not in the same way.  You can see the impact you have on others but it's hard to name and define.

We all struggle with existential questions- Who am I, why am I, what is different about me, why am I important?   

It's very hard to see yourself

from the inside.

I offer real, tangible, meaningful answers to these questions that will resonate with your experience, so you’ll feel their truth. These answers will settle into your awareness, changing how you see yourself and the world forever. It will open the door to your full self-expression.

You discover the answers through the practical hands-on process of building a successful business. 

This is the experience of creating something new, bring it to life - a process that uses all seven forms of creative energy. So as you work through building each part of your business, you are learning how to work in each of the seven energies to express yourself fully as a creator.

And the best part? You end up with the business structure you need to get paid for sharing your gifts with the world.

In the Business Energetic course,

you'll be guided through the seven phases of business creation

Undoubtedly Awesome is an introduction to Business Energetics. It will tell you which of seven Soul Types you are, how you create in the world, and what that means for your experience of doubt. You'll see how doubt creeps into your creative process and how to stop it before it starts.

This book was a business changer! I am so grateful to have found it. I highly recommend it to anyone to find a better understanding of yourself and how you operate. 

Michael Sheridan, Aisling Dream Interpretation

This book has given me a tremendous knowledge about how I make decisions. I feel incredibly empowered by it. I highly recommend this book!

Monica Merlot, teacher

Business Energetics

Learn how to build a business around your services that gives you full-time income you can count on. Business Energetics gives you the practical, step-by-step  help you need, combined with a deep understanding of how to work with the energy behind each step. 

Angelic Frequency Series

A series of nine transmissions designed by the angels to amplify your spiritual gifts. It can raise your frequency quickly and easily so that you'll become more open to guidance from spirit, and advance as a soul up to a higher level of consciousness.

The Golden Circle

A 6-month renewable program of rapid spiritual acceleration and deep healing, guided by the angels through focused, private sessions to strengthen your connection and elevate your vibration to your highest expression.

Our angelic connection

A channeled message from the angels telling us just how deeply we are connected to them.

Emerging stronger

I'm sharing a channeled message from the angels about how the difficult events that might be happening will change us for the better. This is a channeled angelic message.

Twin flame story

How I took on karma when my twin flame died in a past life, re-lived that karma during several related events in this life, and how it all came to a head in one vivid healing experience.

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